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905 Ideation Space

An innovative layout that combines flexible furniture and collaborative work surfaces to encourage new types of interactions between learners and educators. This learning environment fosters communication among students and between students and educators. The classroom features writable surfaces on all walls. Educators are not restricted to the front of the classroom, rather they are free to navigate throughout the room and easily engage with students to guide discussion or present information.

Grid of dots connected to each other

914 Extreme Collaboration Space

This learning environment is designed to empower and engage all members of your team. A state-of-the-art visual collaboration platform space provides real-time, multi-screen, collaborative information sharing between learners and educators who are present in the room and any other location. With no limits you can enable remote participation, join from anywhere, and build collaborations across the nation or the world. The classroom features flexible arrangement displays based on single or multiple-screen workspaces that extend to additional walls.

Microphone on stand

909 Audio/Visual Recording Mini-Studio

The studio is capable and ready to produce all of your audio and video needs from podcasts to online teaching with friendly video edits for your class. This supplemental learning environment is ready to record, edit, and create dynamic resources for any course. The studio features a green screen, a professional camcorder, a high-quality microphone, and studio lighting.

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152 Visual Communication Classroom

A cutting-edge classroom space equipped with over 30 iMac workstations with current and innovative software. This learning environment is designed for maximum creativity and a hands-on experience for students and teachers to create high-end visual communication artifacts. The work space features a nested u-shaped layout.

Speech bubbles

265 Oral Communication Classroom

This highly flexible classroom gives students and teachers a choice as to what kind of learning atmosphere works best for them. Designed for active and engaged learning and instruction, this learner-centered environment promotes increased levels of interaction and is highly adaptable to multiple styles of teaching. As a presentational space, it provides flexibility for either conventional space usage or collaborative small group work.

Communication Training Center