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Signature Workshops

Pump Up Your Body Language

Enhance your self-awareness of nonverbal behaviors for engaging an audience. Learn how to integrate communicative behaviors that are associated with more positive classroom outcomes for students.

Poster Presentation Design

Develop impactful posters that communicate to an audience with or without you being present. Learn how to incorporate a powerful visual layout, include memorable graphics, build interest, and increase audience view time of your research.

Data Tell Me a Story

Display data that is compelling and seamlessly designed to maximize the meaning of the data for an audience. Learn how to spotlight what is important, utilize data as a tool for sharing information, and visually articulate the conclusion you want to share with an audience.

Beyond 1-7-7

Present a clear concise message by arranging elements of your slide presentation to maximize audience attention and create shared meaning. Learn how to design slides that will eliminate “word walls” and win any glance test from an audience.

Dealing from the Bottom of the Slide Deck

Go beyond the basics of PowerPoint design and learn advanced techniques for taking your slide deck to the next level. Learn cinematic slide design strategies to create dynamic slide decks to captivate an audience.

Oral Defense Presentation

Ensure your thesis or dissertation is visually accessible through the creation of slides that encapsulate your research and focus on its most salient findings. Learn how to storyboard the content of your research to create a logical slideshow that accurately and easily makes your research understandable for your committee.

Feel free to attend any of the workshops below. No sign up is necessary! 

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