Texas Tech University

Dean's Graduate Research Grants in Visual & Performing Arts

Application Procedure:

Complete the application form and obtain signature of your school's director, with amount of support from school specified:

Attach:  copy of verification from sponsoring agency acceptance of submission, or other evidence of peer review, as is appropriate for the discipline and project.

Attach:  letter of support from principal advisor or graduate coordinator.  The letter of support [1] should be concise (not more than one page single-spaced), [2] should explain scope and significance of venue in relation to profession, [3] should provide qualitative assessment of project, and [4] should verify/explain relationship of project to degree requirements.  The letter can also provide additional information that should be considered in the decision-making process.

Attach, if seeking support for collection of information:  completed supplemental information form, including principal advisor's verification/explanation.

Deadlines:  Applications for funding must be received at the CVPA no later than one month prior to the proposed activity.  Applications involving international travel must be received no later than six weeks prior to the proposed activity.

Send to:  tcvpa.deanapplications@ttu.edu.  Electronic submission is encouraged.

Review:  Applications are reviewed by the dean's office as received, on case-by-case basis.  Criteria used in decision-making include:  total and unfunded costs of project; scope (international / national / regional); scope of degree program (terminal or leading to other); significance of proposed project in relation to degree requirements; GPA; etc.

Follow-up responsibility:  The recipient must schedule a public presentation (type and venue appropriate to the discipline or program) of scholarship presented, information gained, etc.  College-wide publication of the event is expected and, if appropriate, the presentation can precede the funded activity.