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Careers in the Arts

Your future will be here before you know it.  What are you doing to prepare for it? Students in the Fine Arts face unique experiences as they search for careers in the Fine Arts. How many times have you been asked, “What are you going to do after graduation?”  “How are you going to find a job in the arts?”  The CVPA is here to help!

Join the College of Visual & Performing Arts for the first annual Careers in the Arts…Really?, an afternoon event on Saturday, March 31st which will provide valuable information to prepare you for your post-college life in Fine Arts.  This event will offer CVPA undergraduate and graduate students guidance through sessions presented by experts. Sessions include:

Arrow.jpg        Teaching in public and private schools
doublearrow.jpg       Auditioning for graduate schools/professional organizations/careers

Graduate schools

Arrowright2.jpg       Scholarship/study abroad
Arrow.jpg        Improvisation in the lecture classroom
arrowleftright.jpg       Exploring cultural identity through expressive arts

The Career Center session

Arrowleftright.jpg Hired-now what's next?
Arrowleft.jpg      Personal marketing via the web
Arrowright.jpg       Arts administration/Arts business
doublearrow.jpg      Grant writing/Fundraising/Working for non-profits
arrowright3.jpg      Transitioning from Graduate School to College Faculty Teaching


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