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Dr. Wayne Hobbs

A Tribute upon Announcement of His Retirement

Wayne Hobbs
Dr. Wayne Hobbs, School of Music, CVPA

A Tribute upon Announcement of His Retirement
Adapted from Dr. Christopher J. Smith
Associate Director of Musicology/Ethnomusicology

Dr. Hobbs has provided an environment within our division that has made possible everything we have accomplished over the past seven years: complete revision and modernization of both undergraduate and graduate curricula, refinement of the Music Appreciation suite of courses, augmentation of tenure-track musicology faculty, expansion of the Musicology program's graduate population, development of a practicum by which senior graduate students move into teaching-assistantships and adjunct positions, placement of undergraduate and graduate musicology students in top-notch programs and competitive employment positions, development of the MUBA in Vernacular Music, the Vernacular Music Center, and its attendant scholarship support, and even re-identification of our department from "Music History and Literature" to the more apposite and relevant "Musicology."

As I have said to Dr. Hobbs, "We could never have accomplished everything we have done in the last few years without your support, perspective, and advocacy."

The Musicology Division thanks Dr. Hobbs for his irreplaceable and essential leadership.