Texas Tech University

Scholar Pedagogues


Integrated Scholars

Faculty members who are integrated scholars consistently promote active learning, and infuse the results of their research and scholarship in courses and other learning experiences. Integrated scholars publish results of their teaching innovations in peer-reviewed journals. Also, integrated scholar faculty members plan and execute service commitments to complement their teaching and research goals. Moreover, their outreach efforts inform all that they do in the domains of their teaching/learning and research/scholarship/creative efforts.

Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy was formally inaugurated in 1997 to demonstrate, support, promote, and mentor colleagues and others, and share knowledge about teaching strategies and their implementation. The Teaching Academy and its members set the pace for the scholarship of teaching and the development of the best practices that serve as inspiration for all who teach at the university.


Honor Role, Integrated Scholars:
Associate Professor Carol Flueckiger, School of Art, 2016
Dr. Janice Killian, School of Music, 2015
Dr. Linda Donahue, Department of Theatre and Dance, 2014
Dr. William Westney, School of Music, 2014
Associate Professor Genevieve Durham, Department of Theatre and Dance, 2012
Dr. Dorothy Chansky, Department of Theatre and Dance, 2011
Dr. Carolyn Tate, School of Art, 2011

Honor Role, Teaching Academy:
Associate Professor Ali Duffy, School of Theatre and Dance, 2014
Dr. Keith Dye, School of Music, 2012
Dr. Matthew Santa, School of Music, 2010
Dr. David Shea, School of Music, 2007
Dr. Ed Check, School of Art
Professor Lora Deahl, School of Music
Associate Professor Genevieve Durham, School of Theatre and Dance
Dr. Lisa Garner Santa, School of Music
Dr. Janice Killian, School of Music
Dr. Angela Mariani, School of Music
Dr. Peter Martens, School of Music
Dr. Christopher J. Smith, School of Music
Dr. Kevin Wass, School of Music
Dr. William Westney, School of Music
Professor Robly Glover, School of Art, 2003