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Visual & Performing Arts Core Curriculum

THECB Core Objective: The objective of the visual and performing arts in a core curriculum is to expand the student’s knowledge of the human condition and human cultures, especially in relation to behaviors, ideas, and values expressed in works of human imagination and thought. Through study in disciplines such as the visual and performing arts, students will engage in critical analysis, form aesthetic judgments, and develop an appreciation for arts as fundamental to the health and survival of any society.

TTU Core Competency: Students graduating from Texas Tech University should be able to construct, present, and defend critical and aesthetic judgments of works in the creative arts.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and describe a body of works (individually and collectively) in the creative arts.
  • Explain and differentiate creative works as expressions of values within cultural and historical contexts.
  • Analyze and summarize aesthetic principles that structure creative works.