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This listing of sites is provided as a courtesy only and implies no endorsement by the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts of any employer or job-seeker. The JTMTCVPA does not control the content of the postings submitted by employers or job-seekers. The JTMTCVPA cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this career service and disclaims any liability for this service and for the content and information contained herein.

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Established professional organizations, such as The Chronicle of Higher Education, CAA Careers, MENC (Music Educators National Conference), offer reliable information. Searches under "art jobs, music jobs" etc., will provide many more sites should you be interested.

For additional information, see What Can I Do With This Major? on the University Career Services web site.

Web Sites

  1. Academic Careers
  2. American Association of Community Theatre
  3. Art Online
  4. Art Jobs (includes Internships, Residencies, Public Art Projects, etc.)
  5. Arts and Entertainment Employment (by subscription)
  6. BackstageJobs
  7. The Chronicle of Higher Education
  8. CAA Careers (includes Fellowships, C.V. Conventions, Ethics/Guidelines, etc.)
  9. Classical Music Jobs
  10. ClassicWeb Music Jobs
  11. Entertainment Careers (includes Internships)
  12. MENC Job Center
  13. Musical America Career Center
  14. Music Industry Jobs
  15. Stagespecs Online Theatre Jobs Listing
  16. Teachwave (focus, K-12)