Texas Tech University

Classroom Conduct

Final Exam Policies

  1. All Final Exams must be given at the assigned time. They may not be given prior to the officially assigned time.
  2. If students miss a Final Exam, they must contact their Instructor. This is a matter between the student and the Instructor. This Office cannot reschedule a Final Exam or give the student an excused absence.
  3. There is no policy on how many Final Exams a student can have in one day.

Students with Disabilities

United States law requires that universities and all faculty and staff therein make reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities. Faculty are not obligated to provide accommodation unless the student provides proof of a disability for which the accommodation requested is appropriate; at Texas Tech, such proof is provided by written notification from AccessTECH that indicates the student has completed the university's process for establishing the need for disability accommodation. Students presenting other kinds of verification will be referred to AccessTECH in the Student Counseling Center in West Hall. Any disclosures about disabilities are treated confidentially.

Each course syllabus includes a statement such as the following: "Any students who, because of a disability, may require special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact their instructor as soon as possible to make the necessary accommodations. Students should present appropriate verification from AccessTECH in the Student Counseling Center in West Hall. No requirement exists that accommodations be made prior to the completion of this approved university process."

Civility in the Classroom

The university's Civility in the Classroom brochure, provided by the combined efforts of the Provost's Office and the Office of Student Affairs, provides information and suggestions about dealing with disruptive students and about maintaining a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning. More information about civility policies can be found in the Student Affairs Handbook, which also outlines useful information about student behavior in The Code of Student Conduct.

Student Affairs Handbook

The handbook is available online via the Student Affairs website.