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Deadlines & Reminders

2012-2013 Academic Calendar

Residence Halls Open for OccupancyAug. 22Jan. 9 May 30July 4
Last Day to Register or Withdraw Without PenaltyAug. 25 Jan. 11May 31July 5
Classes BeginAug. 26Jan. 12 June 1July 6
Last Day to Declare Pass/Fail IntentionsNov. 1March 23June 21July 22
Advance Registration for Next TermNov. 4-19April 27-May 3   
Open Registration BeginsNov. 22April 19  
No Exams Except Makeup or Scheduled Lab ExamsDec. 2-8April 27-May 3  
Last Day of ClassesDec. 8May 3June 30 Aug. 3
Individual Study DayDec. 9May 4 
Final ExaminationsDec. 10-15May 5-10July 1-2 Aug. 4-5
Semester/Term EndsDec. 15May 10 July 2 Aug. 5
Residence Halls Close (with exceptions)Dec. 16May 11 July 3Aug. 6
CommencementDec. 17-18May 13-14 Aug. 6
Final CancellationSept. 21Feb. 7June 15July 20
Final Day to Drop a Course and Receive a Refund (not applicable to students dropping to 0 hours)Sept. 13Jan. 28June 6July 11
Last Day to Withdraw and Receive Partial RefundSept. 23Feb. 9 
ADD/DROP (changes in schedule), WITHDRAWAL (dropping all courses)
Student-Initiated Drop/Add, Wiithdrawal Begin on MyTechAug. 26Jan. 12June 1July 6
Last Day to Add a Course Aug. 31Jan. 18June 2July 7
Last Day to Drop a Course Without Penalty (does not count against drop limit) Sept. 13Jan. 28June 6July 11
Last Day to Drop a Course (counts against drop limit)Nov. 1March 23June 21July 26
Last Day to Transfer Between CollegesNov. 22April 19June 21July 26
Last Day to Withdraw from the UniversityDec. 3April 28June 28Aug. 1
Graduate School—Last Day to File Statement of Intent to Graduate Sept. 16Jan. 28June 9 
Graduate School—Last Day to File Defense NotificationOct. 1 Feb. 25June 3 
Last Day to Order Invitations/Academic Regalia at BookstoreOct. 25March 9June 17 
Graduate School—Last Day to Defend Thesis/Dissertation and Pay Thesis/Dissertation FeeOct. 22March 23June 24 
Graduate School—Last Day to Submit Final Defense ReportsOct. 25March 24June 27 
Graduate School—Last Day to Submit Final Draft of Thesis/DissertationNov. 5April 1  July 5
Graduate School—Last Day to Remove Grades of I, PR or CRNov. 19April 15  July 8
Graduate School—Last Day for Master's Candidates to Submit Comprehensive Exam ReportsNov. 19April 19  July 7
Graduate School—Last Day to Submit Final Corrected PDF of Thesis/DissertationNov. 29April 26  July 27
Last Day for Undergraduate Degree Candidates to Remove Grades of I and PR, Complete Final Exams for CorrespondenceDec. 3April 29June 28Aug. 1
Labor Day HolidaySept. 6   
Student holiday (does not apply to School of Law)Oct. 11-12    
Thanksgiving VacationNov. 24-28   
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jan. 17  
Spring Vacation March 12-20  
No Classes April 25  
Intersession Classes at Junction Center Campus  May 11-26 
Faculty on DutyAug. 23Jan. 10May 31July 5
Mid-Semester Grades Due Via RaiderlinkOct. 25March 9   
Raiderlink Available for GradingDec. 10May 5   
Grades Due for Graduating Students Via RaiderlinkDec. 16 May 11   
Final Grades Due Via RaiderlinkDec. 20May 16July 7Aug. 10
For a detailed calendar, see the Office of Official Publications web site.