Big 12 Chapter of Diversity Officers Inc.

About Us:

The Big 12 Chapter of Diversity Officers, Inc. is committed to its mission to educate its students for responsible participation in a global community. To do so, the chapter is strives to promote activities and initiatives that advance professional development amongst its members and respective institutions to create campus environments for the advancement of diversity.

Mission & Goals:

The Big 12 Chapter of Diversity Officers is a group of professional individuals involved in diversity work at higher education institutions in the Big 12 Athletic Conference. The purposes of the Chapter shall be to promote the following goals within the Big 12 group of universities:

A. To provide visibility to diversity professionals and their respective efforts within the Big 12.
B. To support diversity programming across the Big 12.
C. To foster inter-administrative dialogue and cooperation within and among Big 12 institutions.
D. To assess, clarify, and promote professional standards for diversity professionals in Big 12 institutions.
E. To provide professional development activities for sharing best practices, methods, and strategies related to diversity and inclusion in Big 12 institutions.
F. To provide an arena for the discussion of campus issues related to access, inclusion, and climate as it relates to students, faculty and staff.
G. To identify and initiate solutions for issues and concerns arising from under-representation within higher education institutions.