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1. What forms should you complete?

The students will need to complete the NASBI Forms packet which will be sent out to them, once accepted. They will be required to submit the forms to the TTU Cross-Cultural Center at TTU. 

The NASBI Student Forms packet includes these documents:

Click here to access the forms packet

*Contact the Cross-Cultural Center to discuss any special accommodations that the student participant will need during their stay on campus.

**Please attach a copy of the participant's insurance card.

2. What does a student participant need to bring with them when they attend NASBI?

*Bed linens and pillows will be provided to all participants.  Student participants are discouraged from bringing any valuable items to camp.  Texas Tech University will not be responsible for any lost items.

* Note: You will receive material and souvenirs from NASBI, plan accordingly when choosing your luggage.

3. What types of activities should you plan for during the camp?

Student rec Center-

You can workout, play basketball, volleyball and do other fun stuff!

Leisure Pool-

1. Do I need a swim/bathing suit?

A: No, you do not. T-shirts & shorts are fine.

2. What if I can't swim?

A: You will not be required to swim. The pool has many spaces that vary from 1 foot to 12 feet in depth.

Movie Night-

We will travel to a drive-in theatre to watch a movie.


1. Will be taking classes?

A: Yes, you will be taking classes including Math, History, Science etc.

2. Will I have home work?

A: Yes, you may have homework.

3.  What will I be taking that will prepare me for college?

A: -AVID :Advancement Via Individual Determination.

     -Writing a college essay.

   - The college application process

   - Paying for the college

   -Setting Goals/Time Management

4. Will I meet other students?

A: Yes, you will meet other NASBI students and current Texas Tech University students.

4. How do I contact the TTU Cross-Cultural Center?

Mailing Address

    Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center
    Texas Tech University
    Box 45065
    Lubbock, TX 79409-5065

     Phone: 806-742-8681
    Fax 806-742-8668
    E-mail: NASBI@ttu.edu