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My Backstory

I grew up predominately low income on the Eastside of Lubbock. I was one of two children in the house. My father Lorenzo Sedeno always worked to take care of us. My mother Yolanda was a stay at home mother. Watching my father work hard every day helped me to learn the value of hard work pays off.

What motivated me to go to college

It wasn't until my parents were divorced that I saw my mother go back to school in her early 30's taking care of us, being a single parent going to college fulltime and working to feed us. I saw her determination for a better life. I figured if she wanted a college education so bad that it must be worth something. So, I always knew from there that I wanted to go to school.

What I would tell my freshman self

Well this question is kind of backwards for me for the fact that I was a nontraditional student. But what I would tell myself as a junior in high school is, stick it out. I don't know everything, things will be just fine, roll with the punches. I say this for the fact that I dropped out of high school in my junior year of high school.

How my background helped me

I think my background has helped me for the fact that I had and still have the family support. I come from a very close and loving family. We lean on one another for everything. Knowing, if I fall my family will be there to help me up. That always gave me the courage to do just about anything I wanted without much fear.

The best thing about my college experience

The best thing about my college experience I have to say is I wasn't a traditional student. By time I came to college I was very disciplined. I had served 7yrs in the United States Army as a Combat Medic. I already had 3 children by time I came to college and had served in a war zone for little over a year. By the time I got into college, I was ready to be here. So, I enjoyed everything, especially learning and being a part of a larger community. Wreck 'Em!

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