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Through advising, mentoring, and group interaction, the First Generation Transition and Mentoring Programs will strive to improve the retention and success rates of First Generation College (FGC) students at Texas Tech by fostering an environment that supports their academic, social/community, and personal needs.


Increasing the educational attainment of First Generation College (FGC) students at Texas Tech University.


Inspired by the state of Texas' Closing the Gaps initiative, First Generation Transition and Mentoring Programs created the PEGASUS program (now called FYS) in 2002. The program was established in response to the increase of underrepresented and First Generation College (FGC) students enrolling at Texas Tech University. As time progressed, we took our programming a step further. In 2014, we designed the Second Year Success (SYS) program for FGC students in their second year. Through these uniquely designed programs, we are able to address the educational achievement gap for FGC students, of all cultures, by providing academic support, mentoring, and outreach opportunities. Together, both programs serve as supportive communities that help each student transition through their first year and second years of college. By including a student-mentoring component, the FYS and SYS programs have continued to increase retention and success rates of FGC students and underrepresented populations.


From resource fairs, to marketing and presentations, First Generation Transition and Mentoring Programs promote access to higher education by focusing on First Generation College (FGC) students.

At Texas Tech University, we believe from here it's possible. No matter if an FGC student enters as a freshman or transfer, he or she may qualify for one of two uniquely designed programs -  First Year Success (FYS) or Second Year Success (SYS). FYS specifically meets the needs of those in their first year, while SYS concentrates on those in their second year. The purpose of these programs is to help enhance our students' college experience by catering to their unique needs.

We do so, by offering valuable opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Through scholarships, academic workshops, community service, interaction with student mentors, weekly tutoring, and one-on-one guidance sessions with professional staff, we take higher education to the next level. These tools for success not only give them the confidence to wreck adversity, but also the determination to attain their bachelor's degree from Texas Tech.


First Generation Transition & Mentoring Programs