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About Us

About Us

The office of Academic Enrichment includes creation of organizational structures designed to promote interdisciplinary integration, cross-divisional collaboration, and a heightened sense of campus community that is built on the joint pursuit of a common cause: increasing student success. We are diligently seeking for more opportunities to provide support to students who are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but are falling short of their potential. The office of Academic Enrichment is grounded in integrating structured partnerships between Academic and Student affairs, strengthening communication and collaboration with local high schools, community colleges and community-based organizations, to create an empowering environment that enables students to engage in community-based experiential learning, such as service-learning and internship experience. We strongly believe that students need to achieve self-awareness of their potential and recognize their responsibility to work to achieve it. Student success is measured by student persistence and completion of their academic goals in higher education as well as in their ability to successfully integrate into their career and community. We have found that students who succeed in completing higher education are engaged academically, culturally, and socially in their learning experiences.


The Office of Academic Enrichment is committed to preparing K-12 students through the AVID program, and exposure to higher education possibilities that will aide students to develop a culture of college readiness, by acting as a transitioning resource from high school to higher education through the delivery of a student-centered support system.

College Students

We provide a student-centered support system that goes beyond basic academic skill-building to address the student as a "whole person". The office of Academic Enrichment is devoted to increasing student self-confidence, self-efficacy, and self-motivation through mastery of moderately challenging tasks that balance academic rigor with academic and psychosocial support, i.e., curricular and co-curricular support provided by trained student-centered instructors, peer tutors/mentors, academic advisors, and personal counselors. We've discovered that students develop a sense of life purpose, personal identity, and educational direction through a personalized system of academic advising that includes long-range educational planning, exploration of college majors and potential career paths, and networking with career mentors.