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About Us

The purpose of the Office of Academic Enrichment (OAE) is to support student academic success and retention through interdisciplinary integration of proven academic strategy programs, co-curricular activities and academic support services. To accomplish this, OAE has created a network of partners, staff, instructors and tutors who communicate and collaborate with current and future students to create strong and focused learning environments that enable students to address issues, strengthen understanding and define and achieve educational goals.

In addition to academic pursuits, OAE is committed to assisting students in developing their professional skill set including a strong global awareness that is evident in their communication and interaction. Designated as the University's home department for the AVID for Higher Education initiative, OAE supports the continuation of the AVID construct from secondary education to higher education by providing an AVID based success course and tutoring.


The Office of Academic Enrichment is committed to preparing K-12 students through the AVID program, and exposure to higher education possibilities that will aide students to develop a culture of college readiness, by acting as a transitioning resource from high school to higher education through the delivery of a student-centered support system.

College Students

We provide a student-centered support system that goes beyond basic academic skill-building to address the student as a "whole person". The Office of Academic Enrichment is devoted to increasing student self-confidence, self-efficacy, and self-motivation through mastery of moderately challenging tasks that balance academic rigor with academic and psychosocial support, i.e., curricular and co-curricular support provided by trained student-centered instructors, peer tutors/mentors, and academic advisors.

Office of Academic Enrichment