Texas Tech University

AVID IS 1102

Course Purpose

In partnership with the AVID First Year Experience Program, the AVID IS 1102 course is designed to strengthen the skills that enable a first year student to effectively deal with the academic, social, cultural, and financial challenges that prevent students from transitioning into their second year in college. The vision for this program is to create a transformative experience that creates meaningful connections between what the students are learning and what they are living through student involvement and academic engagement. It has been found that as students become involved and engaged in effective and efficient education programs, students have improved educational experiences, cultivate a support network, and acquire valuable experiences that will sustain them academically, professionally and socially.

The students will engage in critical thinking and writing regarding the relationship between knowledge, self, and society, and be challenged to pursue their education with a stronger sense of intentionality. Students will learn about the consciousness of success and how to effectively implement methods of individual determination for pursuing their purpose and educational goals, such as: life management, critical literacy, reflection, and AVID learning strategies.

Course Goal

The Goal of the AVID for College Success course is to empower students to:
• Persist and succeed
• Plan based upon personal abilities and goals
• Become self-reliant and independent in fulfilling academic and personal goals

Contact Information:

AVID for College Success Liaison and Course Coordinator
Mandi Salazar