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Travel Arrangements

The Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center will work with you and your parents/guardians to make your travel plans to Lubbock, Texas.  Typically, participants fly in however, if there are many students from one area, you may travel in by bus.   Texas Tech University pays for flight or other travel.  You are required to make travel arrangements to get to the airport or other designated meeting space.

If you are flying in, Texas Tech will fly you to Texas Tech and fly you back home (usually on Southwest Airlines).

For additional information, questions or concerns, contact the Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center at 806-742-8681 or e-mail NASBI@ttu.edu. When calling, feel free to ask to visit with Ricky Sherfield.


What should you pack for the Camp?

*Bed linens will be provided to all participants.

* Note: You will receive material and souvenirs from NASBI, plan accordingly when choosing your luggage.

Prepare for College Life:

  • You will be in college courses.
  • You will explore.
  • You may have Homework.
  • You will meet students from other cities and states.
  • You will get to participate in college campus activities (movies,the rec,leadership meetings,etc.)
  • You will get to talk to other college students.
  • You will have FUN:)!!