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NASBI : Registration for the Camp

If you applied and have been selected to participate in NASBI, yo can take a look at what you need to register for and be ready for the camp.

eraider 1. Sign up for a Raider ID

You will need to have a Texas Tech eRaider username and password to take up online coursework and activities. Your eRaider account is your TTU electronic identification. Your eRaider is a single username and password that is required to access many resources at TTU. Your eRaider account allows you to access your TechMail (e-mail), access the Internet , access RaiderLink for registration and information, enroll in computing shortcourses, take advantage of online training, create a personal website, download free software, and much more..

Click here to sign up for the eraider:: The eRaider Sign-up page


2. Meet NASBI staff

Get to know all the Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement staff members you will be working with:

formsJobi Martinez,

Martha Mouret-Sanders,
Assistant Director

Ricky Sherfield Jr.,
Unit Coordinator

Nina Follis,
Senior Business Assistant

forms 3. Complete all required forms

Make sure you have filled all the forms in the forms package before the camp starts.

4. Join our Facebook Page


5. Follow us on Twitter


For additional information, contact the Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center at 806-742-8681 or e-mail NASBI@ttu.edu.  When calling, feel free to ask to visit with Martha Mouret-Sanders.

Click Here to Go to the NASBI HomePage and learn more.