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Open Teaching Concept 2013

Teaching Diversity Across the Curriculum

The aim of the Open Teaching Concept is to explore the issues of diversity and social justice, access and disparities, policy and poverty over a variety of disciplines, methods, theories, and paradigms. Looking at such topics as human rights, civil rights, hunger, multiculturalism, gender, labor and production, health, education, LGBT rights, economic opportunity, sexual violence, class, religious difference, environmental sustainability—OTC 2013 will allow students, faculty, and staff to dialogue on the larger questions of social responsibility, global citizenship, and the ever-widening, ever-constricting local global nexus.

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OTC 2013 Theme - Civil Rights, Human Rights: Questioning the 'Pursuit of Happiness'

Even as the full impact of global interconnectedness becomes recognized, the conflicting needs and desires of individual, group, regional, state, national, and international identities have come into question. In holding certain truths to be self-evident, promising certain unalienable rights, in guaranteeing "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness," how do we, as global citizens, have to be aware of the price of those rights, the impact of that pursuit on others who have not been assured of those same freedoms and protections? For whom does the pursuit of happiness apply? And to what degree does our understanding of global citizenship, civil rights, and human rights, change the parameters of the way to happiness, dignity, and equality?

About The Program

The Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center is a unit of Texas Tech University committed to working with faculty, staff, and students in designing meaningful cross-cultural dialogues intended to inculcate well-informed global understandings and cross-cultural competencies. “Teaching Diversity Across the Curriculum: Open Teaching Concept” is an initiative first undertaken in 2012 by the Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center (CCAAC) and faculty members that are part of its Teaching, Learning, and Connecting (TLC) Through Diversity Advisory Council. The TLC is composed of faculty and staff committed to the ideas of access to education, diversity, open and difficult dialogue, and the important intersection of curricular and co-curricular learning. Owing to the successful pilot in 2012, the TLC and CCAAC are expanding the OTC initiative in 2013 to broaden student learning by promoting open teaching.

The Open Co-Curricular Experience

Considerable research strongly indicates that interactions with diverse peers, participation in well-informed and research-inspired diversity-related coursework, and substantive co-curricular activities animate students to challenge their own prejudices and promote inclusion and social justice. CCAAC continues to partner with other campus units to develop specific, co-curricular learning opportunities that engage students in personally and professionally meaningful cross-cultural explorations.

How It Works

Together, the CCAAC and faculty members of the Open Teaching program hope to provide faculty, staff, and students with unique opportunities to engage in cross-cultural dialogue, explorations, and research as peers committed to advancing inclusive excellence and global citizenship. Other suggestions are welcome and may be directed to

About The Authors

Participating Faculty 2013

Dr. Mary Frances Agnello Dr. Mukkades Darwish
Dr. Michael Borshuk Dr. Francisco Delgadillo
Dr. Michael Farmer Dr. Jacki Fitzpatrick
Dr. Karlos Hill Dr. Matt Hooley
Dr. Matthew Johnson Arnold Loewy, J.D
Dr. Aretha Marbley Dr. Ron Milam
Dr. Erica Morin Dr. Rob Peaslee
Wendy Ross, J.D. Dr. Abigail Swingen
Brian Shannon, J.D. Dr. Christopher Smith
Dr. Colette Taylor Dr. Fernando Valle
Dr. Aliza Wong


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