Mission, Vision & Goals


The CCAAC's mission is to facilitate the academic and personal growth of the campus community as a whole and to promote a culturally conscious university by providing a learning environment where students, faculty, staff, and the community are encouraged to be involved in programs and activities that further support dialogues across academic disciplines and cultural lines that enable personal and professional success, growth, and development for the betterment of the university and the community.


To create a partnership nexus on campus and in the community focused on promoting awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusive excellence.


  • To offer guidance, training, resources and information to the campus community in an effort to achieve the vision of diversity and equity.
  • To provide access to information and resources for current and future students to enable their academic success and professional achievement.
  • To provide a safe and welcoming area on campus where students, faculty and staff can discuss, share and address diversity and inclusion issues on campus and in the community.
  • To serve as a resource to the Associate Vice President regarding diversity and inclusive excellence on campus.

History of CCAAC

The Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center was founded in 2007 by Dr. Juan S. Muñoz with the goal of being the premier diversity office at Texas Tech University. Although originally aligned to serve as a community engagement and outreach center for the University's faculty, staff, students and the surrounding community, the CCAAC has more recently concentrated its focus on student and faculty engagement. As the CCAAC continues to adapt to the community it serves through diverse programming and academic support, the CCAAC will strive to advance academic and inclusive excellence at Texas Tech University.