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About Military and Veterans Programs


On behalf of Texas Tech University and the Military & Veterans Programs we would like to welcome you to our campus and our Web site. Please know we are here for you. We take great pride in the fact that we currently have more than 1300 students attending this University that are veterans or are dependents of veterans. We also have more than 350 faculty and staff that have also served and their number one priority is you earning your degree as a veteran at Texas Tech. If you have any questions, concerns, and/or constructive criticism please let us know. Thank you for your service and your dedication to our country during its time of need. Be proud of who you are, be proud of what you do, be proud of what you continue to do. You served our country so well. It's our turn to serve you.

Military & Veterans Programs


Military & Veterans Programs is here to assist veterans and their families in achieving academic and personal success.


Our vision is to be the university of choice for military personnel, veterans, and their families. Military & Veterans programs will assist the students it serves in a seamless transition from military to civilian life, support and encourage campus and community engagement, and help provide a positive experience through degree completion and on to a successful future.


Military & Veterans Programs embraces the following values: