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What is a FGC?

First Generation College Student. According to the Texas Tech definition, a student is FGC if neither of your parents or guardians earned a 4-year (bachelor's) degree.

The PEGASUS name

Pegasus stands in mythology as a means of accomplishing the previously unattainable. Throughout the ages, the image of the winged horse has evoked thoughts of exploration, independence, and triumph. Across the cultural spectrum, the winged horse signifies pure intellect, unblemished innocence, light, and life itself.

What is PEGASUS?

PEGASUS (Pioneers in Education: Generations Achieving Scholarship and Unprecedented Success) is an academic advising and student service program that supports first-year First Generation College (FGC) students to make a successful transition to college.

The PEGASUS Program seeks to make exploration, innovation, and academic success attainable realities for First Generation College students. The emblem of PEGASUS is not only a reminder of these noble goals, but it is also a symbol of the services with which the program will provide its students.

What PEGASUS offers to students

  • Support services for all FGC students
  • Access to PEGASUS Professional Staff
  • Direction for problem solving
  • Guidance on campus resources
  • Informational seminars and workshops
  • Skills assessment through the College Student Inventory (CSI)
  • Access to upper class FGC Peer Mentors

How to Join PEGASUS?

Joining PEGASUS is easy! Just have your student click on the Contact Us link on the sidebar with an email and phone number, and a staff member will contact them.


  • the STUDENT by easing the transition to college, providing an academic home, and demystifying the college experience.
  • the FAMILY bridge the gaps created by changing expectations, financial pressures, and the student's transition from dependence to independence through workshops and outreach.
  • the UNIVERSITY by making an impact on the diversity of the student body, retention, and graduation rates of traditionally underrepresented populations.
  • the COMMUNITY by nurturing the goal of a college education in the minds of elementary and secondary school students.

FGC Issues include

  • First Generation College students face a variety of challenges, particularly during their freshman year. Many of the challenges are unique to FGC students.
  • Straddling two cultures (home and college)
  • Experiencing changes in family and personal relationships
  • Adapting to a competitive academic environment
  • Managing time and events
  • Living on and managing a tight budget
  • Feeling excluded or not belonging
  • Feeling overwhelmed and confused
  • Learning how to negotiate the large, university system.
  • Explaining the demands and rigors of college life to family and friends.