How PEGASUS can help


  • The STUDENT by easing the transition to college, providing an academic home, and demystifying the college experience.
  • The FAMILY bridge the gaps created by changing expectations, financial pressures, and the student's transition from dependence to independence through workshops and outreach.
  • The UNIVERSITY by making an impact on the diversity of the student body, retention, and graduation rates of traditionally underrepresented populations.
  • The COMMUNITY by nurturing the goal of a college education in the minds of elementary and secondary school students.

FGC Issues PEGASUS can help solve

  • First Generation College students face a variety of challenges, particularly during their freshman year. Many of these challenges are unique to FGC students.
  • Straddling two cultures (home and college)
  • Experiencing changes in family and personal relationships
  • Adapting to a competitive academic environment
  • Managing time and events
  • Living on and managing a tight budget
  • Feeling excluded or not belonging
  • Feeling overwhelmed and confused
  • Learning how to negotiate the large, university system.
  • Explaining the demands and rigors of college life to family and friends.

PEGASUS helps by offering

  • Support services for all First-year FGC students
  • Direction for problem solving
  • Guidance on campus resources
  • Informational seminars and workshops
  • Outreach to families of FGC students
  • Skills assessment through the College Student Inventory (CSI)

Do you think you can benefit from this program?

PEGASUS is focused on helping you succeed. With emphasis on your first and second year, as a student you will have periodic meetings with a PEGASUS Professional Staff Member and have one on one peer mentoring available to you. You will grow with the program through community service projects and exciting social events, which will engage you in all facets important to the college experience.