PEGASUS is focused on helping your student become the first in your family to really learn about college through the experience of being here.

First-year FGC students as well as transfer students can be assigned to a student mentor. Our mentors are sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the program and are here to help develop peer relationships that are proven to be vital to your student's success while in college.

PEGASUS believes that students help students. So, we train students to do just that: Help! These students have already had the experience most first generation students struggle with and have succeeded. Our Students are here to help first-year first generation students cross the road from their high school experience to the college experience.

Do you think your student can benefit from this program?

PEGASUS is focused on helping your student succeed. With emphasis on their first year success, your student will have periodic meetings with a PEGASUS Professional Staff Member and have one-on-one peer mentoring available to them. Your student will grow with the program through community service projects and exciting social events, which will engage your student in all facets important to the college experience. Take action and tell your student about PEGASUS to encourage them to join PEGASUS.

Get your student involved

All First-year First Generation College students are welcome to join PEGASUS.

  • By joining you will get...
  • Exclusive access to resources available to you for free.
  • Community Service Opportunities.
  • Become part of our social network.
  • Opportunity to join a small team of students.
  • 2 Upperclass FGC Mentors.
  • Access to 3 Professional Staff Members.
  • Opportunity to earn scholarships.