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What Students Want to Know

How PEGASUS can help YOU!

Everyone experiences a transition phase from high school to college. PEGASUS can help solve these issues and get you on your feet and on your way towards success.

How to Get Involved!

Participation Requirements

The Participation Packet for members in PEGASUS, lays out the requirements members must complete in order to be eligible for prizes and/or scholarships (as funds are available) at the end of each semester.

Opportunities with PEGASUS

  • Mentors are here to help our members by giving a student a broad perspective on college as an FGC student. If you feel like you would want to help other FGC students, talk to your team mentor or contact the PEGASUS office staff with information provided in the sidebar.


What are Students Saying?

PEGASUS has helped me meet other FGC students. We have lots of events that help us learn college skills and we have a lot of fun!

-Laura Podhajsky

PEGASUS has helped me find a new community of friends.

-Laura Mendoza

PEGASUS Rocks!! It has really helped me meet people and get to know the campus. It is a great program that all first generation students should be a part of.

-Dakota McKee


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