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Second Year Success (SYS)

PEGASUS is launching a new program for the 2014-2015 academic year to help in the effort for a smooth transition into a student's second year at Texas Tech University. It is not required for the student to have been a member of PEGASUS their first year. The only requirements are that the student be an enrolled student at Texas Tech University, be a First Generation College student, and be in their second year at Texas Tech. SYS is not as intensive as PEGASUS. So, there are not as many events for students to attend because we know students will be more involved with organizations in their field of study or personal interest, leadership opportunities, and/or a part-time job. Programming includes social activities, monthly success luncheons where student are exposed to campus resources available to them as well as career development opportunities. Students need to join SYS, just like they do PEGASUS.

SYS Membership Form