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Responsible Community Living

Texas Tech University enrolls more than 30,000 students and continues to grow. The majority of these students, more than 23,000, live off campus. While some may be geographically distant from the main campus, the majority of these off campus students choose to live in the Lubbock community. They represent approximately 10% of the population of Lubbock and as homeowners, renters and consumers have a substantial impact on the local economy.

Students are likely to choose to live off campus at some point while pursuing an education at Texas Tech. This website highlights important information regarding the off campus living experience. I hope this will be a valuable resource for students who choose to reside in the Lubbock community.

Living off campus provides ample opportunities for personal growth and development. It encourages students to develop independent living skills and responsible citizenship. For many students, living off campus while at Texas Tech represents a significant transition from their previous living arrangements.  In preparation for these new opportunities, consider the following:

The campus is designed to provide students with an engaging environment that supports their educational and personal success. Students who live off campus need to make a conscious effort to remain connected to and actively involved in the campus community. Whether students live on campus or off campus, they are part of the Red Raider family!