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Micro−Electro−Mechanical Systems (MEMS)


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TEXMEMS workshops are one or two day meetings, whose existence emerged from the notion that most Micro−Electro−Mechanical Systems (MEMS) related academic and technical advances in the US have been centered on the West and East Coasts. Because of the different industries located in Texas, we believed that a third pole should emerge in the Southwest, which has happened. The TEXMEMS meeting program encourages interaction and dialog among scientists and engineers to foster developments in MEMS related activities at different levels in Design, Simulation, Fabrication and Applications. The TEXMEMS workshops are focused on fostering a technical information exchange between scientists and engineers from different organizations in the Southwest. The meetings are open to everyone who is interested in MEMS. The purpose is to promote dialog and possible collaborations among the scientific, industrial, and government communities with prime interest and active research and development in MEMS. We expect researchers from different communities to meet at this workshop. Presently, MEMS have found applications in numerous fields including the biomedical sciences. It is expected that growth of these technologies will continue to come from the cross-fertilization of ideas enabled by this type of meeting. If you are interested in organizing the next meeting, please contact the current organizers.