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EE 4323 - Modern Communication Circuits




Catalog description

EE 4323: Modern Communication Circuits (3:3:0). Prerequisite: ECE 3312 and ECE 3323. For majors only or departmental consent. Analysis and design techniques for modern communication circuits.




ECE 3312 and ECE 3323

Textbook(s) and/or other required material


Smith, Modern Communication Circuits, McGraw Hill, 2nd Edition, 1998.


Course learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course students should be able to analyze and design communication circuits, systems and components.


Topics covered

Small signal amplifiers in communication systems - 3 hours

Network noise and intermodulation distortion - 3 hours

Frequency selective networks - 3 hours

High frequency amplifiers and AGC - 3 hours

Hybrid and transmission line transformers - 3 hours

Oscillators - 5 hours

Phase-locked loops - 5 hours

Frequency synthesizers - 3 hours

Power amplifiers - 3 hours

Modulators - 3 hours

Optical devices - 5 hours

Tests and reviews - 3 hours


Class/laboratory schedule

Class meets 15 weeks, 3 times per week for 50 minutes or 2 times per week for 80 minutes.


Contributions to professional component

This course prepares students for engineering practice by familiarizing them with analysis and design techniques for components and systems for RF communications. This includes exposure to specifications of currently available integrated circuit subsystems. This course includes engineering topics and engineering design.


Relationship of course to program outcomes


This course addresses EE and CMPE Program Outcomes a, c, e, and k.


Prepared by

Brian Nutter, December 13, 2004