Texas Tech University

Pre-Admission Exam

All students entering the Tech Teach program must take the Pre-Admission Exam.

The pre-admission exam is a “representative test” for the TExES exam that you are required to pass before beginning student teaching with Tech Teach. You should take the exam the semester before you plan to enter the Teacher Education Program. Please meet with your advisor before to receive a pass and to make sure you are taking the correct test.

Step 1: Register and Take the Practice Exam

Register and take the practice exam (see the Handbook for lists of exams). You can register for an exam through Academic Testing Services (806-742-3671). Please call to schedule an exam. You will not be allowed to register for your block courses without taking the preadmission exam.

Results of the pre admission exam will be sent to Karen Noles, Pre-Admission Coordinator. Results will be reviewed and you will receive an email detailing your next steps.

Step 2: Analyze Your Results

Analyze the results of the practice test. Use the following guidelines:

If your pass rate is:

a. Practice test scores 65% or above. You are admitted unconditionally. Study normally for the exam. You will take the "official" exam the semester before student teaching. (Secondary during block 1) (Elementary and Middle level during block 2)

If your pass rate is:

b. Practice test scores between 54% and 64%. Remediation needed. You will meet with Karen to develop a "Study Plan" to improve on the Pre-Admission exam. You will be asked to take the Pre-Admission test until your score is at the passing level. You may use T-CERT study course for math or science content for free. You may also use Preparing to Teach Texas Content Areas: The TExES EC-6 Generalist and the ESL Supplement by Janice Nath and John Ramsey (www.pearsonhighered.com) or 240tutoring.com as resources for study.

c. Practice test score 53% or below. An appointment with Dr. Hamman or Mrs. Brasher to discuss future options with the Teacher Education Program.

Step 3: Register for and Pass the Content Exam

Register for and pass the content exam via www.tx.nesinc.com prior to student teaching. It is recommended that you also take the TExES 160 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility exam during the first semester of the full year student teaching experience.