Texas Tech University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who can go to the DSC for help?

A: Any doctoral student within the College of Education who is currently enrolled in a course or 7000/8000 level research hours may seek writing and research assistance from the DSC.

Q: When should I go to the DSC?

A: Students are encouraged to go to the DSC early and often throughout their doctoral program.

Q: Do I need a referral from my advisor in order to submit a manuscript and Blackboard?

A: No – Students do not need to be referred by an advisor to obtain research or writing assistance from the DSC. However, some assignment types may require the consent of your instructor.

Q: How long does it take to get feedback from the DSC?

A: The turn-around time will depend on many factors, such as the length of your draft, the research and writing stage of your draft, and the scope of the review you request. Longer drafts take longer than shorter drafts. Rough drafts take longer than revised and more polished drafts.

Q: How often can I submit an assignment?

A: There are no restrictions on the number of times you may submit a course assignment with a request for feedback. However, please understand that dissertations in the Blackboard queue will receive top priority.

Q: If I submit a draft for a course project or professional project and then someone else submits a dissertation proposal or draft after me, will my draft still get reviewed and feedback provided?

A: Yes – However, because our first priority is to help students writing their dissertation materials, we may have to bump up drafts in the queue to meet deadlines related to dissertation projects. In most cases, this may mean a minimal delay in returning feedback on course projects and professional projects.

Q: Can I submit my qualifying exam to the DSC for writing assistance?

A: No – The DSC does not assist students with any aspect of coursework exams or qualifying exams.

Q: If I have a documented disability and need special accommodations, do I need to submit a letter of accommodations to the DSC?

A:Yes – If the accommodations require us to perform in ways other than our normal business functions, students must submit a letter of accommodations from the TTU Student Disability Services.

Q: Can the DSC help me with my use of sources to avoid plagiarism?

A: Yes – A DSC coach can review your draft for possible weak content areas (relying too heavily on direct quotations, ineffective paraphrasing techniques, citing source content incorrectly, etc.).

Q: What happens if a draft submitted to the DSC is found to contain plagiarized content?

A: A DSC coach will ask to meet with the student writer to go over content areas that need to be revised and explain why such revisions are necessary. Students are expected to make the corrections before any additional services can be provided.

Q: Can I submit a draft for feedback that is co-authored?

A: We can provide feedback on drafts that are co-authored by other TTU-COE students. The DSC coaches do not provide feedback on drafts that are co-authored with TTU faculty or others outside of the COE.

Q: Will DSC staff edit and correct my work?

A: The DSC coaches will proofread and edit papers for mechanical and grammatical errors by providing a written explanation, track changes, and/or a discussion with the doctoral student. Applying the suggested revisions is always at the discretion of the student.

Q: Can I hire a dissertation coach or editor from the DSC to do full content editing or statical analysis?

A: No – DSC coaches cannot provide work for hire to currently enrolled TTU-COE doctoral students.