Texas Tech University

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide exceptional and comprehensive support services that improve doctoral students' research and writing competencies, thereby enhancing their academic experiences.

Graduate Hooding Ceremony

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the DSC to support doctoral students on their quest toward academic excellence and successful completion of quality dissertations. This vision complements the College of Education's goal of producing the measurably best educators in the United States by providing assistance and services that maximize student success.


  • Offer the highest quality of support services to TTU-COE doctoral students
  • Provide a visible and tangible center dedicated to enhancing TTU-COE doctoral student experiences
  • Be recognized by students and faculty as a center for academic excellence in the College
  • Serve as the model support center at Texas Tech University with regional and national recognition
  • Lead the way in research related to the doctoral support model by presenting at conferences and publishing in appropriate journals

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy draws from several educational perspectives, including cognitive apprenticeship, social constructivism, and andragogy. We know that scholarship is complex and develops over time, in a recursive and iterative—often refractive—process. Scholarly conversations emerge, unfold, and take shape through dialogic processes. We believe this approach meets students where they are in their scholarly journey. Students may seek our support services at any time in their doctoral work, and we will provide comprehensive support to meet their needs.

Because we are aware that learners construct meaning from experiences and social interactions, our support strives to be task-oriented, justified, and culturally sensitive. We engage with students in various ways to motivate and encourage them in their progress. Some of the ways we engage with students are through one-on-one distance and face-to-face consultations, writing and research enrichment activities, and workshops. Our support services are best described as organic (relaxed and customized) and holistic (all-inclusive). We invite students to seek our services early in their program and repeatedly in their quest to excel in academic scholarship.

DSC staff members adhere to the following principles:

  • Assist students with any writing projects related to academic and professional goals, except those for which assistance is prohibited by their program.
  • Offer practical encouragement and constructive criticism.
  • Direct doctoral students to additional resources as needed.
  • Meet the specific needs the doctoral student has made known, to the best of our ability.

DSC staff members will refrain from:

  • Doing the work for a doctoral student or imposing ideas upon a doctoral student.
  • Proofreading and editing papers for mechanical and grammatical errors without using track changes or providing a written explanation or having a discussion with the doctoral student.
  • Predicting a doctoral student's grade or the potential outcome of a defense or publication submission, etc.