Texas Tech University

Request and Submission Process

Doctoral students in the Texas Tech University College of Education (TTU-COE) who want feedback on their work will be asked to submit their drafts to the designated DSC Blackboard site.

Students may email the DSC at dsc.educ@ttu.edu or DSC Coaches directly for more information and to request support services for other activities, such as developing project timelines, setting goals for research and writing activities, and discussing feedback received on previous submissions.

Draft Review Process

Flowchart: four step process showing the cyclical nature of the draft review process.

The following steps outline the typical draft review process.

  1. The student submits his or her draft to the DSC through Blackboard.
    • Log in to Blackboard and select the course designated as the DSC.
    • Choose the appropriate assignment type.
    • Follow the instructions provided on the page to upload the file.
    • Be sure to specify concerns in the Add Comments field.
  2. The DSC will contact the student to confirm the draft was received and to begin the draft review process.
  3. A member of our staff will review and comment on the draft and send feedback to the student for improving the draft. Feedback may be provided through the Track Changes and Comments review features in Microsoft Word, the Comments box in Blackboard, email exchanges, or consultations.
  4. The student will revise the draft, incorporating feedback as he or she sees fit. The student may then submit a revised draft or a different draft for review, thus beginning the process again.

Feedback received reflects the recommendations and/or observations of the DSC staff. Our suggestions should not be considered prescriptive, final, and/or comprehensive. In addition, the student's dissertation advisor has the final authoritative word. Ultimately, the student makes the final writing decisions in consultation with his or her chair and committee.

* If requested, and based on coach and student availability, students may schedule a pre-draft and/or post-draft review appointment.

Appointments may be conducted face-to-face, over the phone, or via a web conference.