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What does the Doctoral Support Center Offer?

The primary service offered by the DSC is to read and provide written feedback on eligible student work submitted through the Blackboard interface. In order to expedite turnaround times and serve as many students as possible, DSC coaches will review a maximum of 30 pages per submission. Students are encouraged to revise each draft based on the feedback before resubmitting a request for a subsequent review. While the DSC requests that students identify the range of pages to be reviewed for each submission, the DSC does not limit the number of submissions or draft iterations that students may submit for feedback.
Documents are generally assigned to DSC coaches on a first-in-first-out basis, with turnaround times that fluctuate, depending on the number and type of submissions in the queue. During peak submission times, such as when Graduate School deadlines approach, longer turnaround times may be expected. Students are urged to plan ahead and give the DSC plenty of time to address their concerns. Please note that dissertation drafts are given top priority.

All doctoral students in the TTU-COE are encouraged to use the DSC resources early, often, and entirely throughout their doctoral program. To that end, our coaches will assist students in the following areas.

Dissertation Services

  • Developing sound research methods
  • Preparing proposal defense presentation materials
  • Completing & navigating IRB processes
  • Assisting with statistical analysis
  • Developing ideas & drafting content for dissertation chapters
  • Developing writing & editing skills
  • Documenting & citing sources in APA style
  • Preparing dissertation defense materials
  • Formatting drafts to meet Graduate School requirements

Coursework Services

  • Developing ideas & draft content for course assignments
  • Developing writing & editing skills
  • Documenting & citing sources in APA style
  • Formatting drafts for APA style
  • Preparing course presentation materials

Professional Activities Services

  • Understanding specifications for calls for applicants, manuscripts, or proposals (e.g., grants, research proposals, & fellowships, etc.)
  • Understanding audience, purpose, & context of materials to meet the intended needs of the reader(s)
  • Preparing job search materials (e.g., teaching philosophy statements, CVs, biographical statements, interview presentations, etc.)
  • Preparing academic & professional conference materials
  • Preparing proposals for grants, research, & manuscripts
  • Preparing full manuscripts for scholarly & professional publication
  • Understanding editorial reviewer comments & requested revisions actions

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Secondary Services

In addition to the review of drafts through Blackboard and individual student consultations, the DSC coaches also provide doctoral students with a variety of support activities that cultivate rigorous writing and research communities. Each semester, the DSC will present special events to provide additional support to distance and local doctoral students. Some of the additional activities we provide are:

  • Rallies and retreats to support scholarly writing and research
  • Virtual Brown Bag Speaker Series focusing on topics of interest to doctoral students in the field of education
  • Workshops and tutorials to cultivate skills needed for academic and professional success
  • Writing groups and research network forums to build community engagement

EDLD Doctoral Cohort

Educational Leadership Doctoral Cohort

Additional Notes

Not all work is eligible for submission to the DSC. Based upon assignment parameters and the professor's expectations and instructions, some assignments may not be eligible. In addition, the DSC does not provide support for the following:

  • Completing any aspect of coursework exams or qualifying exams 
  • Extensively editing drafts

The student retains complete responsibility for complying with the Student Code of Conduct as it pertains to academic integrity.

The DSC adheres to the APA guidelines for ethical and legal standards in publishing.

The DSC coaches assume an instructional role with regard to student work submitted for review. All intellectual property rights remain solely with the student.