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Eva Midobuche, Ed.D.

Curriculum and Instruction

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Dr. Eva Midobuche holds the rank of Professor in the Language, Diversity, and Literacy Studies Program, in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education at Texas Tech University. She has been in the field of educating linguistically and culturally diverse students since 1976 when she began teaching in a bilingual education classroom in South Texas. In addition to being a bilingual education teacher, her K-12 experiences also include being a Title VII Evaluator, an ESL curriculum writer, and a bilingual education program administrator in a large urban district where she evaluated program faculty and staff.

Dr. Midobuche also served as the Associate Director of a federally funded Bilingual Education Multifunctional Resource Center at the University of Oklahoma. The center at different times served 13 states (Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, South Dakota, and North Dakota) by assisting their SEAs, IHEs, and LEAs in meeting the educational needs of culturally and linguistically diverse populations through professional development activities as well as developing a master's degree in Bilingual Education for the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Midobuche has held faculty and/or administrative appointments in elementary education, bilingual education, and English as a second language teacher preparation programs (graduate and undergraduate), at Texas A&M University Kingsville, University of Texas at El Paso, University of Oklahoma, Arizona State University, and Texas Tech University.

Dr. Midobuche has taught over 35 different courses in Bilingual and ESL education. In addition to the course content, the issues of respect, the validation of heritage language and culture, teacher dispositions, advocacy, second language methodologies, and resiliency are often the focus of many of her publications. She has developed curriculum materials and has served as a consulting author to bilingual education textbook publishing companies. She has presented at national and international conferences and her work has been published in journals such as the Harvard Educational Review, Educational Leadership, the Bilingual Research Journal, and Teaching Children Mathematics among others. She has served on several national editorial boards and has been the Program Chair and Chair of the AERA Bilingual Research SIG. In 2010 Texas Tech University recognized Dr. Midobuche with an Outstanding Research Award.

Eva Midobuche


  • Ed.D. Texas A&M University- Kingsville

Areas of Expertise

Bilingual and ESL teacher preparation, teacher dispositions, advocacy, second language methodologies, content area instruction, resiliency, issues of respect, and the validation of heritage and target language and culture among others. 

Selected Publications

Midobuche, E. & Benavides, A. & Koca, F. (2015). Teaching Mexican American English language learners: Issues and challenges, in Y. Caldera (Ed.), The Handbook on Mexican American Children and Families: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. pp. 107-121. Psychology Press, Taylor and Francis Group.

Benavides, A. & Midobuche. E. (2013). Achieving academic resilience for Mexican American students: Issues and challenges, in E. Trejos-Castillo (Ed). Youth: Practices, perspectives and challenges, Nova Hauppauge, NY: Science Publishers, Inc.

Midobuche, E., Benavides, A. (2012). Mexican American English language learners: learning in a climate of politics, curriculum reform, immigration, and fear, in In M. Cowart & L. Anderson (Eds.). English language learners in the 21st century classroom: Challenges and expectations. pp. 258-281.Texas Woman’s University: Canh Nam Publishers, Inc.

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Midobuche, E., Benavides, A., & de Rasez de Guyenne, W. (2010). Perceptions, attitudes and the identification of dispositions: Creating a model for teaching English language learners. Teacher Education & Practice Journal 23 (2), 181-193.

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