Texas Tech University

Michelle Kiser, Ed. D.

Language and Literacy in Teacher Education

Email: michelle.kiser@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-742-3664

Office: Holden Hall 80


Michelle Kiser is an Instructor of Teacher Education, and the current Director of Support Operations for Academic Retention in Undergraduate Education at Texas Tech University. She is a Ballinger native who graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Higher Education. She enjoys conducting research in developmental education and content area reading.  Content Area Reading, Teaching developmental Readers, academic support programs, and developmental education are among her favorite areas of teaching

Michelle Kiser


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Texas Tech University
  • Master of Science in the Sports Psychology, Texas Tech University
  • Doctorate of Education in Higher Education; Dissertation Title: Developmental Students Sources of Self-Efficacy and the University Academic Support Program Impact

Areas of Expertise

  • Content Area Literacy
  • Developmental Education
  • Academic Support Programs
  • Probation and Suspension Programs

Selected Publications

Hammer, E., Agnello, M., Kiser, M., & Osaghae, O. (2012). An Investigation of Plagiarism in Developmental Literacy. Research & Teaching in Developmental Education, 29(1).

Kiser, M. & Hammer, E.E. (August, 2015). Need to Increase Enrollment: A Successful Academic Provisionary Program.  Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory, & Practice, 18(2). 

Kiser, M. (November, 2008). Developmental Education and Academic Support Program Impact. Paper presented at annual College Academic Support Program Conference, Corpus Christi, TX.

Kiser, M. (March, 2012). The Components of a Successful Program: Community College   Partner in Admissions, Instruction, and Financial Aid to the Four-Year Components of Housing, Advising, Counseling, and Admissions. Paper presented at the annual             conference of the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA.

Kiser, M. (September, 2015). Text Segmentation Aids Comprehension and Recall in  Developmental Readers.  Concurrent Session at the 2015 College Academic Support Programs (CASP) Conference, Allen, TX.

Paniukov, D. & Kiser, M. (February, 2015). Part-Whole Study Improves Memory for STEM  Information.  Poster presentation at the 11th Annual Advancing Teaching and Learning  Conference, Lubbock, TX.

Taraban, R., Paniukov, D., & Kiser, M. (September, 2014).  What Metacognitive Skills Do Developmental College Readers Need? Retrieved from http://www.improvewithmetacognition.com/what-metacognitive-skills-dodevelopmental-college-readers-need/