Texas Tech University

Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Assistant Director
Center for Leadership in Education

Email: z.aguirre@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-834-4949

Office: EDUC 168A


Dr. Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz is an Associate Professor and Program Anchor of the Bilingual Education and English-as-a-Second-Language Certification Program within the Teacher Education Department.  She is originally from Mexico but was raised in San Diego, California.  Dr. Aguirre-Muñoz started her professional career as a Senior Research Associate at the UCLA Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST) and joined the Texas Tech faculty in 2004. She is currently the Associate Education Director of the STEM Center for Outreach Research and Education Center and continues to serve as Assistant Director for the Center for Leadership in Education.  Dr. Aguirre-Muñoz’s research includes; (a) STEM education; (b) the assessment and instruction of culturally and linguistically diverse students; (c) bilingual/ESL teacher education; and (d) academic literacy development. Aguirre-Muñoz has been recognized for her excellence in teaching, her interdisciplinary research in STEM education, as well as her excellence in teacher education research. She was awarded a distinguished international scholar recognition by the University of San Carlos in Guatemala.  Dr. Aguirre-Muñoz is published in national and international journals and has procured significant research funds to support her research agenda.

Dr. Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz


  • 2000, Ph.D. Psychological Studies in Education from University of California, Los Angeles,
  • 1992, BA, Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • 1992, BA, Spanish, University of California, Santa Barbara

Areas of Expertise

  • Conceptually-Based STEM Education
  • Model-Based Assessment and Evaluation
  • Learning and Instruction of English Language Learners
  • Functional Approaches to Academic Literacy
  • Bilingual/ESL Teacher Education

Selected Publications

Aguirre-Muñoz, Z. Chang, R. & Sanders, J. (2015). Functional Grammar Instruction Impact on Writing, Educational Policies and Current Practices, 1(2), 71-85.

Pantoya, M., Aguirre-Munoz, Z., & Hunt, E., M., (2015). Developing an Engineering Identity in Early Childhood. American Journal of Engineering Education, 6(2), 61-68.

Aguirre-Muñoz, Z. (2014). Focus on content meaning structures matters for English learners: Exploring opportunity to learn academic language. International Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2(6), 1-20.

Aguirre-Muñoz, Z. (2014). Language and meaning in mathematics and science teacher training: Helping teachers use language to help ELs think and construct in disciplined ways. In L. Minaya-Rowe (Ed.), A Handbook to Implement Educational Programs, Practices, and Policies for English Learners (pp. 63-81). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Stevens, T., Aguirre-Muñoz, Z., Harris, G., Higgins R., & Liu, X, (2013). Middle Level Mathematics Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Growth through Professional Development: Differences Based on Mathematical Background. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 38(9).

Aguirre-Muñoz, Z. & Amabisca, A. A. (2010).  Defining opportunity to learn for English language learners: Linguistic and cultural dimensions of ELLs’ instructional contexts. Journal for the Education of Students Placed at Risk, 15(3), 259-278. 

Aguirre-Muñoz, Z., Park, J. E., Amabisca, A. A. & Boscardin, C. K., (2008). Developing teacher capacity for serving ELLs writing instructional needs: A case for systemic functional linguistics. Bilingual Research Journal, 31. 295-322.

Aguirre-Muñoz, Z. & Boscardin, C. K. (2008). Opportunity to learn and English learner achievement: Is increased content exposure beneficial? Journal of Latinos and Education, 7(3) 186-205.