Texas Tech University

Cody McGill, Education Ambassador

Classification: Senior

Teaching Emphasis: EC-6 with Math/Science

Home Town: San Antonio, Texas

Why did you choose Texas Tech?

I really loved the campus and the people here. It was a good opportunity for me to start over as well.

Why do you want to become a teacher?

I always loved the idea of teaching because it gives me the chance to help students in becoming some of the greatest people out there. All the mistakes I made, or saw others make, I want to be able to stop others from making them.

What is your favorite place on campus and why?

My favorite place on campus is definitely the courtyard inside the foreign language building. It’s so peaceful and no one ever goes there, but it’s beautiful.

What has been your favorite Education course and why?

My favorite course so far has probably been Schools, Society, and Diversity. It’s a class that goes in depth about what’s made teaching what it is today and it was very interesting to me.

If you could magically learn a new language what would it be?

I should probably learn Spanish since it’s more useful, but I like obscure languages so probably Arabic is the language I would like to learn magically.

What would the movie of your life be called and what celebrity would play you in the movie?

Standard Deviation: The Life and Times of a Math/Science Emphasis, starring David Boreanaz.

Cody McGill