Texas Tech University

Greg Sparks, Education Ambassador

Classification: Senior

Teaching Emphasis: Spanish major, Secondary Education Minor

Home Town: Mansfield, Texas

Why did you choose Texas Tech?

When I was trying to decide what college I would be going to, Texas Tech was one of the universities I actually visited. When I came for the visit I was immediately by the environment. I was given a campus tour and while on this tour I was shocked to see people stop and say hi to the group. This camaraderie would become one of the things I love most about the university. In addition to this, while visiting I loved the look of the campus because it shows the community really takes pride in its university. Outside of this, I always wanted to get to well-known school that not only provided me a top-notch education but also would provide the opportunity to meet a diverse set of people. I can’t say I’m disappointed!

Why do you want to become a teacher?

I want to become a teacher to help students become achieve anything they want and maximize their potential. I would love nothing more than to see a previous student really make something good out of their lives and be a positive contribution to society. I specifically want to set out focusing on high school because this is a very crucial part of student’s making life decisions. If I can help the star student excel even more then I will be happy. However, I really want to help students who may be lost or on the wrong track get themselves turned around. There is nothing more exciting than to someone like this transform before your eyes. Also, I always worried about becoming bored or complacent with a future complacent. I anticipate that the world of teaching always brings something fresh and exciting and will keep you on your toes.

What is your favorite place on campus and why?

The campus as a whole has this liberating atmosphere and always looks so beautiful, but I think the place the most exemplifies this is the new completed beautification project by the Dairy Barn. The area used to have nothing except for the barn, but I think that it is awesome that we show so much pride in the caretaking of the campus and decided to remodel the area. It is perfect area to just and sit and lounge beneath the shady trees on a hot summer day and looks amazing when the lights come on at night.

What has been your favorite Education course and why?

I really enjoyed my Secondary Curriculum Strategies course because it was the first course I took in my blocks. One of the site coordinators for the Secondary cohort taught the class and it was always such a joy. This might sound crazy, but I always was excited for what was in store for those 3 hours. She really had a way of connecting with students and gave tons of practical ideas for engaging students while teaching your curriculum.

If you could magically learn a new language what would it be?

That’s tough since I want to be a Spanish teacher, but I am not a native speaker. Sometimes I wish I could go back and actually learn Spanish as my first language and see the struggles of what it is like to learn English second. However, I do think learning another language such as Italian, French or Portuguese would be cool. I would like to learn another language that is under the same umbrella as English or Spanish because that would improve my communication skills in the languages I know already.

What would the movie of your life be called and what celebrity would play you in the movie?

This is a tough question. Regardless of what the movie is called I think the person that could play me is the one and only… ME (haha just kind)! But if I had to pick a celebrity I would choose someone that is really funny. It doesn’t matter who but they better be able to act out this comical life (and I promise that is not an easy task). As far as the title I think something along the lines of “I’m So Fancy!” This may be because I am really obsessed with the song “Fancy,” but also it is also somewhat ironic because my life consists of a sequence of bloopers. And I am okay with that :D

Greg Sparks