Chemical Hygiene Plan

The university’s Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) was revised in early 2013 as a result of a U.S. Chemical Safety Board recommendation following its investigation into a 2010 incident in a TTU chemistry laboratory that left a graduate student seriously injured.

The recommendation also calls for a verification program to ensure that the safety provisions of the CHP are communicated, followed and enforced at all levels within the university.

To meet the verification recommendation, online training has been developed by the Institutional Laboratory Safety Committee and EH&S. Deadlines to complete the training module are:

  • Aug. 31 for current faculty, staff and students
  • Oct. 1 of first year for anyone joining the university after Aug. 2013

Access Chemical Hygiene Plan
Go to Chemical Hygiene Plan Online Training

Please Note: Click on Chemical Hygiene Plan. Once you have signed in using your eRaider information, begin the assessment by scrolling down to the Chemical Hygiene Plan Training section and click the “Start Training” link.

If an error message appears on the page requesting you to copy and paste “All” information into an email and send it to, please copy and paste all information. If we do not receive all of the information on the page, we will be unable to grade your test, and you will have to take it again. This error message will appear if your answers were not graded when you submitted them.

If there are have questions about the CHP or the assessment, call EH&S at (806) 742-3876.

Communications Memo from Interim President Lawrence Schovenac