Texas Tech University

eLearning Staff

Melanie Hart, PhD

Melanie Hart, Ph.D.

Vice Provost
Dr. Melanie A. Hart is a vice provost responsible for the oversight of the regional teaching sites and eLearning. She is a professor and interim department chair in the Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences at Texas Tech University, and most recently served as an associate dean in the College of Arts & Sciences. More »

Justin Louder

Justin R. Louder, Ed.D.

Associate Vice Provost
Justin R. Louder, Ed.D., is Associate Vice Provost for Texas Tech University Worldwide eLearning.

Dr. Louder previously served as the institution's Assistant Vice Provost for eLearning, where he was the director of the Office of Online Compliance & Regulation and acted as the primary consultant for TTU Colleges and Department leaders on the development of new, high demand eLearning degree and certificate proposals.
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Name Title
Alleyne Bayne, Gail, M.S. Alleyne Bayne, Gail, M.S. Research Assistant
Arguello, Marissa Arguello, Marissa Office Assistant
Benitez, Ester Benitez, Ester Unit Coordinator
Chapman, David, M.A. Chapman, David, M.A. Graphic Artist
DeBusk, Leslie, M.Ed. DeBusk, Leslie, M.Ed. Blackboard Support Coordinator
Ditmer, Brian, M.A. Ditmer, Brian, M.A. Instructional Designer
Dolan, Tom, M.Ed. Dolan, Tom, M.Ed. Associate Director
Garrett, Melissa Garrett, Melissa Senior Business Assistant
Hankins, David, B.S. Hankins, David, B.S. Senior Director
Hoang, Nancy Hoang, Nancy Analyst
Howard, Timothy, B.B.A. Howard, Timothy, B.B.A. Digital Media Coordinator
Keane, Candess Keane, Candess Administrative Assistant
Louder, Justin, Ed.D. Louder, Justin, Ed.D. Associate Vice Provost
Luft, Jackie, Ed.D. Luft, Jackie, Ed.D. Accessibility Specialist
Morrow, Melissa, B.A. Morrow, Melissa, B.A. Assistant Director
Nail, Ron, M.Ed. Nail, Ron, M.Ed. Instructional Technologist
Ratheal, Otto, M.B.A. Ratheal, Otto, M.B.A. Executive Director, Regional Sites and Continuing Education
Ritter, Lauren Ritter, Lauren Senior Business Assistant
Sanchez, Veronica, M.Ed. Sanchez, Veronica, M.Ed. Instructional Designer
Serrano, Ken, B.F.A. Serrano, Ken, B.F.A. Multimedia Specialist
Taylor, Clay, Ed.D. Taylor, Clay, Ed.D. Director of Academic Partnerships
Tower, Mark Tower, Mark Web Developer
Uzunosmanoglu, Deniz, M.S. Uzunosmanoglu, Deniz, M.S. Research Assistant
Vaculin, Frank, B.F.A. Vaculin, Frank, B.F.A. Web & Graphic Design Coordinator
Wilson, Mike, M.P.A. Wilson, Mike, M.P.A. Senior Director
Worley, Lucy, B.A. Worley, Lucy, B.A. Marketing/PR Coordinator

Regional Sites Staff


Name Title
Granberry, Jameshia, M.B.A, M.H.S.M Granberry, Jameshia, M.B.A, M.H.S.M Director
West, Andi, B.S. West, Andi, B.S. Academic Advisor/Recruiter

El Paso

Robert Alexander González, AIA, Ph.D., Director

Highland Lakes

Kelly Fox, Ph.D., Director

Anne Arnecke, Advisor

Angelika Firlej, PC Network and Classroom Support

Michele Hicks, TechTeach Advisor

Samantha Sheetz, Administrative Business Assistant

Rachel Vaughan, Unit Coordinator

Christopher Whitmore, Supervisor

Jonathan Young, IT Support Technician III


Kelly Fox, Ph.D., Director

Anne Arnecke, Advisor

Stephanie Behrends, PC Network and Classroom Support

Alice Boyd, OLLI Administrative Assistant

Michele Hicks, TechTeach Advisor

Larry Huston, IT Support Technician III

Lynn Meeks, PC Network and Classroom Support

Rachel Vaughan, Unit Coordinator

Christopher Whitmore, Supervisor


Robert Stubblefield, Director of Operations

Karen Lopez, Advisor

Derrick Ard, IT Support Technician III

Peni Green, Teacher, Outdoor School

Susan Hawkins, Temporary Worker (Retiree)

Kelly Scioneaux, Supervisor, Dining Services

Carla J. Massie, Food Service Leader

Kathy Light, Food Service Worker I

Stephanie Thorp, Temporary Worker

Maria Dempsey, Senior Lead Custodian

Esmeralda Valenzuela, Custodian

Inocencia Gutierrez, Custodian

Julia Martinez, Temporary Worker (Retiree)

Mike Bailey, Foreman, Maintenance

Clay Ames, Grounds Maintenance Leader

Salvador Martinez, Tradesman Leader

Thomas L. Arsuffi, PhD, Director, Field Research Station


Lewis C. Snell, PhD, Director

Sydney Cox, Academic Advisor

Stephanie Lockwood, PhD, Assistant Professor of Practice

Carol Walker Martin, IT Support Specialist I

Harinder Singh, MS, Research Associate