Texas Tech University

Planning a Conference or Event

Recommended Step-by-Step Guide To Planning A Short Course or Conference

Step 1: Begin planning your course or conference months ahead. This is especially crucial if you plan to apply for supplemental program funding through grants or corporate sponsorships.

Step 2: Set the tentative dates, time, and location, and other details of your program.

  • Date, time, and place of registration.

  • Course or conference fees.

  • Registration deadlines for early bird discounts, late fees, authors, etc.

  • Elective items: Special events, meals, tours.

Step 3: To obtain the most effective service through our office, contact our office within the following time frame:

  • Short Courses: 6 to 9 months prior to the proposed date.

  • National Conferences: 12-15 months prior to the proposed date.

  • International Conferences: 18 – 36 months prior to the proposed date.

Step 4: Develop a preliminary budget giving consideration to the following items:

  • Expected attendance.

  • Course or conference registration fees.

  • Early bird discounts, late fees.

  • Sponsor income.

  • Vendor income.

  • Type of facilities and Equipment desired. NOTE: This MUST be reserved prior to entering the event in Event Registration Services.

  • Speaker Honoraria and Travel.

  • Costs for Special Events such as welcome receptions, awards banquets, field trips and tours, social gatherings, and committee meetings.

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Registration Services

  • Custom online registration form
  • Processing of credit card charges
  • Online registrations
  • Enrollment confirmations
  • Comprehensive participant lists
  • Attendee rosters and databases
  • Modification and Access Control
  • Mass email capability
  • Notification emails to registrants
  • Upload materials and pictures

Merchant ID Setup by University Financial Services

Please submit your application at least six (6) weeks prior to needing your Merchant ID in order to receive all approvals and obtain Merchant ID numbers from the TTU credit card processor. All paperwork must be submitted to University Financial Services (UFS) to receive approvals from Accounting Services and the Office of the CIO. PCI DSS training and policy certification must be completed by each employee who processes, transmits or has access to sensitive payment card information in a Merchant department, including those who supervise these employees. Please direct all questions about training or merchant setup to Laura Cochran or 834-0066.