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Captions or Transcripts?

Choosing between whether your presentation requires closed captions or just a transcript is dependent on the type of your file.

  • If you have a recorded lecture that is just audio, then a transcript is sufficient. However, you must ensure the transcript is word for word with the audio.
  • If you have a presentation that is accompanied by any video or graphics, then you will need closed captioning.
  • If you used PowerPoint or Adobe Presenter to capture slides and audio, you will need to include the transcript or closed captioning on each slide.

If you need help, including any transcripts to your courses or PowerPoints, the Online Accessibility Specialist at Texas Tech Worldwide eLearning would be happy to help you at (806) 742-7227 or email

For more information about captions or transcripts please visit WebAIM.org.

Audio Descriptions

Audio descriptions provide learners a description of what is happening during the video. These visual descriptions provide additional narration that is typically viewed by a learner who is non-visual impaired.

The following resources provide more information on audio and video descriptions.

Captioning Request Form

Thank you for contacting TTU Worldwide eLearning for your captioning needs. We would be thrilled to help you in the captioning request. Please fill out the online Captioning Request Form. Once we have your information, we will be in contact.

If you need further assistance, please call (806) 742-7227 or email the Online Accessibility specialist.


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