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Many students complete their undergraduate degrees and realize, upon entering the workforce, that they lack necessary knowledge and skills in personal finance. Pairing a minor in Personal Finance with any Texas Tech University major will enable students to graduate with the basic understanding they need to set and realize personal financial goals and avoid unnecessary risk and debt. No matter the major chosen, the Personal Finance minor is online, allowing students greatly needed flexibility and freedom.

Program Overview

What if you could launch your career with the skills to make great decisions about your personal income, and use the same skills to enhance your employability? Choose a Personal Finance minor to pair with any Texas Tech University major and you will have the opportunity to learn the skills you need to successfully manage your personal finances, help others manage theirs, and enhance your career opportunities. By earning your bachelor's degree, you are already making an investment in yourself; with the tools and knowledge you will gain from a Personal Finance minor, you will be able to make the most of your investment in the future. Courses will cover information on understanding the intricacies of basic finance skills, the consumer credit process, investing, and the skills you need to make and achieve a financial plan for your life.

  • 18 credit hours, can be completed in one year or less.
  • Coursework completed online.
  • Enhances professional career opportunities with the Accredited Financial Counselor Designation.
  • Available to current Texas Tech students only.
  • May be combined with any major or may be taken as an area of concentration (students in Bachelor of General Studies or Bachelor of Arts/Sciences in University Studies).
  • Prerequisite: certain courses must be completed prior to taking upper-level PFP courses.

image of Andrew Iarussi"I'm learning so much information about personal financing. I believe its one of the most important life skills that someone needs to have. I believe its one of the few classes that I will actually save my notes because it will be looked at again many times in the future. This is the most important times in life to develop important habits with your money so it will become an automatic skill when we get into the real world with more financial responsibilities. I'm an ESS major so setting personal goals in life is a big thing for me and I know goal setting with personal finances is a very important thing too. I hope to use both in what ever career I have in the future. This is going to be a great minor!"

-Andrew Iarussi

Application Process

To pursue a Personal Finance minor, you should first contact your academic advisor. Both your academic advisor and Academic Advising in the College of Human Sciences will work with you to complete the process necessary to declare your minor. Academic Advising in Human Sciences can be reached at 806.742.1180.

Program Requirements

Course Prerequisites
PFP 3301 Introduction to Personal Finance none
PFP 3321 Financial Counseling & Consumer Credit none
PFP 3341 Personal Finance: Goal Planning none
PFP 3361 Personal Finance: Managing Risk none
PFP 3381 Personal Finance: Investing none
PFP 4361 Personal Finance: Advanced Topics & Case Studies PFP 3301, 3321, 3341, 3361, 3381
  • All prerequisites must be met prior to taking each course. All PFP courses must completed with a grade of "C" or higher.
  • A maximum of 6 hours of PFP courses may be transferred from another college or university.
  • One of the first five courses can be taken concurrently with PFP 4361.
  • Students who are nearing graduation and who have a good academic record may want to consider applying for the master's degree in Personal Financial Planning rather than extending their undergraduate degree. The master's degree requires 42 credit hours at the graduate level, and may require an additional three leveling courses for students who have not taken accounting, business law, and statistics at the undergraduate level. Information on the master's degree in Personal Financial Planning is available at http://www.pfp.ttu.edu.

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