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Minor in Technical Communications

Every profession requires communication skills. People with excellent communication skills get jobs and promotions. A minor in Technical Communication can help you learn the skills you need to succeed, no matter where your professional life takes you.

Program Overview

Regardless of your major, a minor in Technical Communication can:

  • Teach you to sharpen all forms of written communication—and to give it the biggest possible impact on the world.
  • Give you the tools to communicate with people from all walks of life and from across the world.
  • Facilitate your ability to work in a team.
  • Show you how to use technology to build understanding.
  • Give you the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty.

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Application Process

To pursue a minor in Technical Communication, you should first contact your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will work with you to complete the process necessary to declare your minor. More information about advising in Technical Communication can be found here.

Program Requirements

  • ENGL 2311, Introduction to Technical Writing (currently offered online)
  • ENGL 4380, Professional Issues (currently offered online)

12 hours of other technical communication courses, including:

  • ENGL 3362 Rhetorical Criticism (not yet offered online)
  • ENGL 3365 Professional Report Writing (currently offered online)
  • ENGL 3366 Style in Technical Writing (currently offered online)
  • ENGL 3367 Usability Testing (not yet offered online)
  • ENGL 3368 World Wide Web Publishing (currently offered online)
  • ENGL 3369 Information Design (not yet offered online)
  • ENGL 4365 Special Topics in TC (not yet offered online)
  • ENGL 4366 Technical Editing (currently offered online)
  • ENGL 4367 Developing Instructions (not yet offered online)
  • ENGL 4368 Advanced Web Publishing (currently offered online)
  • ENGL 4369 Interaction Design (not yet offered online)
  • ENGL 4378 Internship in TC (currently offered online)
Two-year Course Rotation for Online Sections

The following table outlines our two-year course rotation beginning in Fall 2015. In addition, ENGL 2311 and ENGL 3365 are also offered in summer sessions.

Fall Online Spring Online Fall Online Spring Online  
2311 2311 2311 2311 Multiple sections offered online every semester
3365 3365 3365 3365 Multiple sections offered online every semester
3366 3366 3366 3366 Offered online every semester
3368   3368   Offered as online every fall
4366   4366   Offered as online every fall
  4368   4368 Offered as online every spring
4378 4378 4378 4378 Offered online every semester
4380 4380 4380 4380 Offered online every semester

Course Descriptions

To graduate with the minor, students must earn at least a C in each of these courses. A maximum of 3 hours of transfer credit will be accepted toward the minor.

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