Texas Tech University

On Accessibility

New TTU Online Accessibility Website

by Jackie L. Luft, Ed.D.

TTU Worldwide eLearning, Information Technology and Student Disability Services is pleased to announce the launch of a revised online accessibility website, TTU Online Accessibility. The three departments worked together to provide resources pertaining to online accessibility for both our online presence and instructional material.

Online accessibility is not just an instructional issue: the federal regulations encompass directives from any electronic instructional material to any webpage associated with the university. For this reason, the three TTU departments cooperate to ensure that multiple resources are available to all users of the TTU website. For example, instructors will find resources and links to assist with accessible instructional content, web designers will find links to IT's short courses on web accessibility, and students needing assistance with accommodations will find links to Student Disability Services.

If you would like more information on federal regulations and OCR ruling pertaining to online accessibility in higher education, the revised website has a Federal Regulations page that includes a short synopsis and additional links to external sources.

Take a look at our new page and let us know what you think at elearning.oa@ttu.edu.