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What Happens in Blackboard When a Student Drops a Course?

Students who drop a course are not removed from the Blackboard Grade Center, but are automatically marked as "unavailable" (the circle icon with a slash in front of their name) and their access to the course is removed.

You can hide those students from your Grade Center view, but we recommend waiting until the 12th day of class. After that, there are two ways to hide students from the grade center – individually or hiding multiple students at once. To hide an individual, mouse over the name and click on the drop-down that appears next to their name, select "Hide Row." Repeat this for each student that has dropped the course.

To hide more than one student at the same time, go to the Full Grade Center, click on the Manage button, and select Row Visibility. Select the students you want to hide and click the Hide Rows button. Then click "Submit" and you are done! For more tips and FAQs, visit our Blackboard Support page.