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Football and Friends: Fredericksburg Scholarship Fundraiser

by Timothy Howard, Digital Media Coordinator

TTU at Fredericksburg recently held a scholarship fundraiser that brought Red Raiders from the local area out for an afternoon of fun, football, friends and food.

On Saturday November 12, TTU at Fredericksburg held a scholarship fundraiser at The Coop, one of Fredericksburg's favorite gathering spots. Attendees were able to enjoy food and friendship as they watched the Texas Tech University Football team take on Oklahoma State. Former Red Raider wide receiver and New York Jet Bake Turner was in attendance to play some Texas country music and show off his Super Bowl ring.

"The fundraiser provides scholarship money for local students attending Texas Tech University at Fredericksburg," said Dr. Kelly Fox, Director of TTU at Fredericksburg. "Red Raider alumni are amazing to be around. They are so dedicated to the University and definitely root for the football team. Working with Bob Hickerson and Kim Kimmey, directors of the Hill Country University Center, is also a pleasure. Our collaborative partnership is so advantageous for Texas Tech University. They are very supportive of our programs. Lastly, Bake Turner was hysterical! It was an honor to meet a man who was on a team that won the super bowl. I really enjoyed it."

"From my point of view, the scholarship fundraiser was a lot of fun and a chance to meet Red Raiders from all over the region," said TTU at Fredericksburg Admissions Counselor Lance Pickle. "It was particularly enjoyable to see the passion and dedication that so many Red Raider alumni have for their University, and how that translates to support for their regional sites as well.  There was great food, entertainment and companionship shared by caring individuals with a common Texas Tech spirit."

TTU at Fredericksburg is thankful to everyone that came out and supported the event and for the bond that ties Red Raiders together.


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The Coop in Fredericksburg, Texas
The Coop in Fredericksburg, Texas
Kelly Fox and Bob Hickerson
Dr. Kelly Fox and Bob Hickerson
Bake Turner
Bake Turner playing Texas country music
Fox, Hickerson, Turner and Raider Red
Dr. Kelly Fox and Bob Hickerson with former Red Raider
wide receiver Bake Turner