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TTU K-12 Offers College Readiness Through NROC Program

By Leslie Cranford, Media Relations Coordinator

To better prepare its high school students for college, TTU K-12 has joined The NROC Project, a non-profit organization that partners with educators to create courses and tools designed to improve how college and career readiness is approached and supported.

According to its website, nearly half of high school graduates in the United States are not prepared to begin postsecondary studies, and less than one quarter of these students will successfully complete college. The NROC membership community imagines, develops, tests, and refines courses and tools that prepare secondary, postsecondary, and adult learners for college and career.

Lisa Leach, director for Instructional Design and Curriculum Development at Texas Tech's eLearning & Academic Partnerships, explained the state requirement that high school students pass the Texas Success Initiative test before they can enroll in college or earn college credit. She added that even students taking dual credit in high school have to pass the TSI exam before they can earn that college credit.

"Through this NROC membership, TTU K-12 will offer EdReady English and Math," she said. "These are college readiness courses that will assist students in preparing for the TSI exams. Each of these courses is a personalized path to subject mastery."

The college readiness courses are web-based and personalized. The courses work on specific weakness areas. For instance, if a particular question is answered incorrectly, the system directs the student to a different path than someone who got it right. That way, it works on areas in which students need additional help.

NROC also has developmental math and developmental reading, which Leach thinks will be helpful, especially for any of Texas Tech High School's international students, if they need additional assistance. Those two courses are delivered through the Blackboard platform.

Leach said more information on these courses is forthcoming.

What does NROC stand for?

NETWORK | Educational institutions benefit from working together.
RESOURCES | Educators are empowered by high-quality, multi-media content and applications.
OPEN | Membership keeps costs low for institutions, and free for individuals.
COLLEGE & CAREER | We're committed to helping students pursue academic and life success.

The NROC Project is sustained by NROC member institutions, with support from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

About TTU K-12

TTU K-12 is an accredited school promoting student success – anytime, anywhere – using innovative online technologies, rigorous and reputable curriculum, excellent state-certified teacher instruction and quality customer service. The distance and online school is accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA); the high school courses are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The elementary, middle and high school options meet the same standards as traditional brick-and-mortar schools, but have no physical location or limitations. Upon graduation, students receive a Texas high school diploma.

The logo for the NROC
The NROC Project logo.
Students working on their laptops around a square table
These students are using NROC college-readiness resources in their study session.
A female student in a pink shirt sits in front of a computer slightly turned so that she can face the camera
This secondary student uses NROC resources to prepare for college.