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TTU at Waco New Student Orientation

by Timothy Howard, Digital Media Coordinator

Texas Tech University at Waco, located on the McLennan Community College campus, gives students the opportunity to earn a Texas Tech University degree without having to leave Waco, Texas. TTU at Waco recently held their Spring 2017 orientation where new students were acclimated to Texas Tech University as well as what it means to be a Red Raider in Waco.

TTU at Waco Director Dr. Lewis Snell shared some of his thoughts regarding the orientation and his excitement about welcoming new Red Raiders into the TTU at Waco family.

"During orientation at TTU at Waco, we introduce students to the history and traditions of Texas Tech University. We also make the students aware of all the many services and activities that are available to them. Students are also informed about our code of ethics," said Snell. "Our main goal for the students is to realize that they have a great support team in both Waco and Lubbock that will assist them in being successful. We also want our students to be excited that great professors and other like-minded peers will surround them."

Dr. Snell also took some time to reflect on his excitement about how TTU at Waco continues to grow and benefit the Waco community.

"Personally, I find it gratifying to see our students earn a Texas Tech University degree and then be able to find a promising career here in the Waco area. The growth of the City of Waco depends on a highly educated workforce and TTU at Waco is working to assist in equipping our community here in central Texas. We have been very fortunate to have the support of McLennan Community College and the upper administration of TTU in Lubbock. There is a great team in place to continue our current growth and to see more Red Raiders earn their degree in McLennan County."

Texas Tech University at Waco looks forward to many more new student orientations in the semesters ahead is excited to continue Bearing Our Banners Far and Wide.


You don't have to live in Lubbock to pursue a degree from Texas Tech University. Seven unique regional teaching sites extend our reach across the state so that your educational goals can be achieved from anywhere. With the programs offered, you can prepare for a variety of careers without leaving your home community. The degrees earned from Texas Tech regional sites are the same as those earned on the main campus in Lubbock.

Waco Students

TTU at Waco new students.

Dr. Snell in Waco

Dr. Lewis Snell presenting to the new students.

Student Assistants in Waco

Student assistants help out.